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Here's a little more about who we are, and what inspired us to embark on this journey!

AtoZ Stories develops unique children’s books that explore our shared values, humanity, and aspirations through the power of storytelling, collaboration, and mixed media. We strive to inspire parents and children from A to Z (and everything in between)! 

Together, we are exploring our shared humanity through beautiful stories from around the world.


Hello! Salaam!

My name is Azmina Dhalla-Shivji

Azmina Dhalla-Shivji lives in Calgary, Alberta. Although she graduated as an Engineer, she's a writer at heart (which she didn’t acknowledge until she had her two kids!). After being constantly inspired by them, she is now dedicating her time to asking, reflecting, and searching for ways to write stories to not only help explain the questions of children, but also delight them. She believes that stories are a wonderful way to educate, inspire, and show children and parents alike that our words, stories, and actions have the power to make the world a better place.


Bonjour! Olá!

Je m'appelle Zaheed Damani

Zaheed Damani is a resident physician in Psychiatry at the University of Toronto. As a composer, songwriter, and storyteller, he draws inspiration from the people and ideas he encounters every day. His passion for storytelling allows him to find unique vehicles through which he can share unique, dynamic perspectives about identity, faith, growth, inclusion and community. Zaheed was born and raised in Calgary, Canada and currently lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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About our logo

This logo incorporates the English letters A, Z, and the Arabic script for ‘Ilm’, which means knowledge. Its shape simultaneously represents a flame, and drop of water, both important symbols in Islam. 


The colour blue symbolises the colour of water. The orange colour symbolizes a source of light, and a shared spark which lives in each one of us. When light hits a water drop, it is reflected within the water drop, and then refracted into the air as all colours of the rainbow. 


As water drops fall, and gather, they form streams that merge into a river and then finally into an ocean. This is represented by the transition from a single colour to all colours of the rainbow contained within the contour of the logo on its right side as it returns to its point of origin. The space that exists between the origin of the logo and it’s ending, is coloured white, and represents infinite possibilities. 


Through the journey of searching for knowledge and reflecting, may we shine as all colours of the rainbow (and have fun while doing so!). 

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